Major sources of secondary data for your research paper

Major sources of secondary data for your research paper

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Definition of Secondary Data

Secondary data is quite useful in statistics and research but do you know what it is?

It is the data that is previously collected and made accessible for researchers. It can be obtained through primary data sources that can be used by other researchers.

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Main Sources of Secondary Data

The main secondary data sources include journals, government records, books, websites, and newspapers, and so on. This data is readily available as compared to primary data. So, diminutive research is required along with researcher intellect to utilize such sources. With the advancement in technology and extensive trend of internet and electronic media usage, it becomes quite easy to access secondary data sources. For more clarity, seek guidance from writing specialists and boost your research skills to compose your thesis. Hiring an expert essay writer is a crucial way to enhance your essay writing skills and perform better in academia. Qualified writers are your problem solvers and cater to your rush deadlines within few hours.

Let’s have a look at some examples of secondary data sources:

  • Books

Books are considered the most traditional way of data collection. Nowadays, you can get books on any topic of your choice. At the time of performing research, you need to search out a book on a particular topic to complete your research, and then choose the available books repository in that area. If chosen carefully, books are reliable and authentic sources of secondary data that are extremely helpful to prepare a literature review.

  • Journal

In the current contemporary world, journals hold more importance compared to books when it comes to data collection. It is merely due to regular updating of journals with the latest publications based on periods, so providing up-to-date info. Additionally, journals are more customized and provide comprehensive knowledge on the specific research topic. For instance, you can get a journal on, “Quantitative data collection through secondary data” on the other hand; a book would be titled “Secondary collection of data”.

  • Published Sources

For various research topics, there is the availability of multiple published sources. The data authenticity generated from published sources is highly dependent upon the publishing company and the writer. These sources can be either in electronic or printed form depending on the case or requirement. Also, they may be free or paid based on the decision of the publishing firm and the author. Under literature review, published articles focus on the subject and problem statement to assess the judgments of different authors in the past. Carry out a complete bibliographic examination of articles and books in your field. Go through the abstracts that are related to the field of your research. Design an appropriate time frame for conducting a comprehensive search on literature material, but, it should not take too long.

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  • Newspaper

In some cases, the info obtained from a newspaper tends to be substantially reliable and authentic. The nature of data normally incorporated in newspapers is more economic, educational, and political than scientific. Hence, for the scientific collection of data, newspapers may not be a reliable source.

  • Unpublished Personal Sources

These types of sources may not be easily accessible and readily available than the published sources. You can only access them if the researcher has shared the data with another researcher who is restricted from sharing the unpublished personal source with a third party.

For instance, the marketing team of a company may require data on customer reviews to evaluate customers’ remarks about the product. So, they will complete the data collection from the customer support department, which specifically gathered the data for enhancing customer service.  


It might sound obvious but having a comprehensive understanding of the thesis statement is quite important prior to beginning composing a research paper and looking for data collection sources. The majority of the students overlooked this step and then think why they get a poor grade on a thesis when they put effort. So, it is merely because of not giving a read to the project’s instructions. Thus, make sure to spare enough time to completely grasp the main idea of the thesis and take notes on it to keep on the right track. Then afterward, go for exploring relevant and authentic sources of secondary data to support your research.


Thus, secondary data can be used in an array of fields related to business, statistics, and research. This type of data is chosen for multiple reasons like availability, price, or sometimes crucially required in research. You can get 100% plagiarism-free content from the essay writing service that also guarantees the confidentiality of your data. The process of writer selection ensures that merely qualified writers work on essay orders.  

Though traditional, secondary data can be the sole data source in some scenarios. It may be because of the massive cost of conducting research and because of research delegation to a specific body such as the national census.

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